What is a spinal fracture

The term “broken back” refers to a spinal fracture that is one or more of the vertebrae that make up 33 bones and protect your spine. A broken back injury can be worrisome, but it doesn’t necessarily mean damage to the spine.

A sudden fall can result in injury or fracture to your back. Traumatic injury from a car accident or other collision can also result in a spinal fracture. But other conditions, such as osteoporosis (weak or brittle bones) and tumors in the spine, can also cause vertebral fractures.

A bacterial or fungal infection of the vertebrae can weaken the bones leading to spinal fractures. Malnutrition, a weakened immune system including cancer and obesity can also increase your risk of fractures.

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Symptoms of spinal fracture?

The main symptom is severe pain in a fractured or broken back. If your back hurts when you move, this is also a sign that the vertebrae may be torn.

However, if the broken spinal cord compresses other nerves, numbness can be accompanied by pain. If the spinal cord is injured, your reflexes and muscle strength can also be affected. Nerve damage can also lead to bladder and bowel problems. There are three main patterns of spinal fractures. Each one may have its own set of symptoms. The three patterns are flexion, rotation, and extension.

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