What are the features suggesting immense growth for E-commerce Portal development?

With rapid increase in the use of Internet, one thing that has seen tremendous growth is e-commerce. This growth has opened the market and there are ample opportunities and with these opportunities, the competition has also gone tougher. This competition increases the essence of e-commerce portal development service.


E-commerce development involves various factors which present a user-friendly shopping experience. These include a fast page loading speed, easy navigation through the portal, product images and descriptions, and an easy one-click checkout system. These features are part of the front-end and are available to a visitor landing on the website. Besides these, there is also member registration option, account settings for already existing users and much more. Also, quick search and easy options to browse through categories help to provide instant services to customers. All these are part of the e-commerce development and before making a portal public, functionality is checked, and the bugs found are fixed.


The back-end which is available to admin (owner of the portal) includes features for website maintenance and business administration. These features are related to the product, category, and user management. Also, e-commerce portals are not limited to only one seller, in fact, sellers from various sectors list their products in the respective categories and sell. These sellers have access to their account and can set the accepted payment modes, delivery locations, and other parameters. The basic trend is to provide as many payment modes as possible to ensure every customer has an option of choice available to him. One of the mandatory features is to have support for unlimited products, it increases the scope of e-commerce portal. Besides all these, many customized features are also made available as per different promotional strategies. Coupon codes, referrals, and affiliate programs are common among these promotional strategies. User management involves; keeping track of visitors, confirming new user accounts, and flagging website visitors that are threat to the privacy and security of other users.


A crucial trend in web development is the use of techniques that increase the page loading speed without affecting the quality of service. For this various compression techniques are used which reduce the page size and make it load instantly even on a slow network. The page loading speed is a deciding factor to user satisfaction as a large number of visitors may abandon the website in case it takes too long to respond.

Today, social media is also a part of the e-commerce, it is a lethal combination that has yielded positive results. Web development techniques make proper use of the social media by integrating it with an e-commerce store. The traffic possible from social media is extensive and this traffic is utilized by e-commerce in a very effective manner with this integration. Social media proves as a great medium for online selling it also helps in increasing consumer awareness and a brand image in the market.

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