The Signs and Symptoms of a Faulty Transmission Mount

Your car is a system made up of several pieces that all operate together. There are main and “small” pieces in every system. The gearbox, which controls how your car drives, is one of the most important parts of your vehicle.

A malfunctioning gearbox might cause your car to stop working in some cases. The transmission mounts have a big impact on how well your vehicle’s gearbox works. As a result, knowing the signs and symptoms of a damaged transmission mount is critical.

Thankfully, there are signs and symptoms of a damaged transmission mount, and if you know what to look for, you may save yourself a lot of trouble with your car. Here are some of the signs and symptoms of a damaged transmission mount to look out for:

1. Thumping, Clunking, Bashing, and Banging Sounds
These are some of the most evident symptoms that the transmission mount is malfunctioning. The transmission is secured with a functioning transmission mount. This is why you hear these sounds when there is a broken transmission. Metals collide when the unprotected engine shifts while the car travels, causing them to occur. When you swap gears, accelerate, travel over a bump, or apply the brakes, the noises become more noticeable. Search online for garages in Reading and book your car in with a mechanic to diagnose as soon as you hear any unusual sounds.

2. Issues with Steering
If you’re having trouble steering the car around turns, it’s time to check your gearbox mount. The reason for this is that because a faulty transmission mount cannot secure the engine, its movement will impede the vehicle’s ability to handle turns. An unsecured engine, for example, may travel in the opposite direction of where the vehicle is being guided. The momentum of the engine will generate a weight imbalance, which will have a detrimental impact on how the vehicle moves. Qualified and reputable car garages in Reading will be able to sole this issue to avoid further component damage leaving a dent in your pocket.

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3. Damaged Components
When the transmission mount fails to retain the engine, the engine moves about excessively, causing damage to other sections of the vehicle. The solid rubber section of the gearbox mount is one of the most worn-out components. If the rubber on your mount is cracked or rotting, it’s time to replace it. You may note that this movement has an impact on the transmission linkages, hoses, and wiring. This symptom isn’t as visible as the others, but it’s typically a sign of a failing transmission mount. You may have a defective transmission mount if you notice some of the cables are stretched when the car is in the drive.

When you go online type ‘MOT history checker’ in the search bar and click on the government website. Please remember, you will need your car registration number for this service. Go through your vehicles MOT history and check if there was a pattern for failures in the past that point fingers towards a possible faulty transmission mount and what work was completed to rectify this.

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