Le Rêve, The Dream in English, is a 1932. He begins to explore different painting techniques one by one at will after his 30s. Following his inspiration and in chase of freedom, he jumps from classical to realism, from romantic to expressionism, leaving consistence and continuity aside, so does his life. Without being confined to any secular prejudice he fell in love with the gorgeous 22-year-old mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter, who is less than half of his age.  Affection could inject band new inspiration into Picasso’s painting, in this picture he use oversimplified outlines and contrasted colors to depict his lover, which emanates allurement nevertheless looking simple.  It is a challenge to depict an attractive young lady using just several sketch and a few colors.





Picasso successfully does this by leading viewers to image based on the simple portraiture. In this picture, the young lady turns up her head leaving her blonde hair drooping down vertically. Obviously, she is in a sound sleep and having a wonderful dream, her sexy red lips and closed eyes arises viewer’s curiosity of her dream. Particularly, her head split into two parts equally from the middle, some regard this as a symbolic phallus inserting into her head, this erotic detail fully reflect Picasso’s affection for his young lover. Looking downward, the skirt falls down Walter’s breast casualy, leaving one breast totally bare which adding to sex of this painting. Walter’s arms lazily overlap on her thigh along her body. It is interesting that Picasso depict her arms in an exaggerated way. Contrasting to the simple hue of the young lady, Picasso use striking red to depict a couch where the young lady sit to correspond to her red lip. All of these combined together to form a lovely and sexy young lady successfully

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