Skincare for Sensitive Skin

If you are tired of trying new things that don’t ever work, than I have a solution for you. Natural skin products.

Natural skin care products seem to be flooding the market today, so finding a good one may be tough. But the way I see it, if all these companies use all natural products than you should be pretty safe in the line you choose. But be sure that the products are indeed all natural.

More than likely you use a store brand soap. Did you know that by definition these soaps, including all the major soap brands, are actually detergent and not soap. Yikes! And then you wonder why your skin is so messed up! Oh and by the way, there is also animal fat in that soap as well.

Soaps, that are not all natural, contain so many chemicals that they rob our skin of natural oils that we are supposed to have to maintain healthy skin. For those with dry or sensitive skin this proves to be a real problem. I admit that my body is addicted to lotion because I use it on a daily basis. It now depends on the lotion for moisture.

This can be costly and not to mention annoying if I don’t have lotion on hand. Our skin absorbs about 65% of what we apply to it. So in turn if we are applying animal fat, detergent and countless other chemicals that are to hard to pronounce, than we can assume that those chemicals are absorbed in our skin. This also includes the shampoos, conditioners, makeup, perfumes, lotions and other skin care products we use on a daily basis.

My point?! If we are going to use these products on a daily basis, why not use what we know to be safe. Granted, there isn’t a product out there that can suits the entire world’s needs, but natural skincare products are definitely worth giving a try.

*This is not medical advice and should not be used as such. These products use all natural products, but do not claim to not cause an allergic reaction.

By admin