Reinstatement of Amazon Seller Account Suspension in COVID-19

non-compliance with Amazon Marketplace’s fair pricing policy. The current COVID-19 pandemic throws some nasty revisions on Amazon’s Marketplace’s fair pricing policy.

Amazon’s new rules on fair pricing had some sellers scratching their heads. There were instances where some listings were removed, but Amazon itself sells them at a higher price. There were accounts that were suspended too due to non-compliance or violations of Amazon’s new policies.

Amazon’s fair pricing policy says that the price can’t be higher than the latest price pegged on or outside Amazon sites. Amazon also paused some customers’ orders under the non-essential category to lessen the unnecessary mobility for workers’ protection.

What happens then as soon as your account gets suspended?

Under Amazon’s new policy, you can still ship any open orders of yours. If you have a balance in your suspended account, they will become available as soon as chargebacks on orders are deducted. The process would go on for as long as 90 days, but it could get longer than that.

To see your account’s balance and other settlement information, you go to the “Payment” section of the Seller Central. Amazon can answer your queries about your balance and settlements by emailing them in this address:

So how do you reinstate your suspended account or your listings?

The best way to get your account reinstated is by creating a plan. Send Amazon a plan explaining how you will address the problem that got you suspended in the first place. Carefully include the following plans:

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