Biggest Mistake while playing Texas Holdem POKER

These have only three possibilities thus called the three-way bet. One is that the home team to win, away team to win or the two teams to have an equal number of goals or not to score, that is, draw. You place the wager on the side which you are happy with. Also, WXD, 1X2 or match outright.

Asian handicap

This is another type of bet where each team is handicapped according to its strength. The team that is considered to be stronger has to be the winner by more goals for the bettors to win. Asian handicap ranges from one-fifth goal to several of them. It has one main advantage in that the draw is eliminated, therefore, reducing the possible outcomes from three to two possibilities.


European handicap

European handicap unlike the Asian handicap this does not lessen the number of options, they are just three. No bet is void here, and the stake is not given back. After the match event, some simple calculations are done accounting for the handicap assigned before the game starts. All the goals or points are added to the competitor team and subtracted from favorite team.

Correct goal score

It is a modern market where there are long odds. One of the hardest type of bet because it is almost hard to get the right score since sports outcomes are unpredictable. If you want to use this type first decide whether the game can be a high scoring or not. Then you should even consider how the odds have been written down.

Half time or full time


In these there exist various combinations, which team will win the first half of the game, is it the home team, a draw or away team and the overall results, is it the home team which has won is it a draw or away team has won. These are somehow risky because you may end up getting on option correct and fail to get the other one.

Double chance

Also represented as; 1X, 12, X2.these is a good option to back up the team in case of unpredictable results. It provides for two possibilities at the same time although its odds are low unlike most of the bet types. If there is a possibility of the team you think might win to be defeated then this option is a bit helpful to take as it provides an extra insurance

Draw no bet

Draw no Bet is a bet type market that removes the draw from the available options. If the game in selected ends without any team winning, your stake will be given back to you.

Both teams to score

Both teams to score is another football bet, which is used as a foundation for others various promotions too.

It has two options where you can choose between ‘yes’ or ‘no,.’ the bet is going to settle, depending on whether the two side manages to score or not.

Next goal bet

Again you can bet live when the game has already started. Here you place bets that are only connected with the next goal to be scored. You select only those players who are on the field at the moment, and the odds are as a result of influence by the tenancy of the game.


Scorecast bet consists of two bet, here you need to predict correctly that player who scores the first goal in a match. If the selected player does not begin the game or comes in after the first goal is scored, then your bet is settled on the correct score of the match. Scorecast betting attracts most amateur punters due to its promising returns on each winning bet. Bookies offer enormous odds on this option, which is a big reason why the punters place bets on them in the first place.

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