Poker: Reaching for the Poker Star

Poker Star is neither a chip nor a name for a new game; instead Poker Star is a fun and safe place in the internet world wherein one could play poker with people from all over the world either for real or play money. There are many internet sites that offer people to play poker but Poker Star is the only place in the web where a person is treated like a star, hence the name. Before you think that is a hoax, Poker Star is a registered legal San José, Costa Rica –based business that abides by the rules and regulation set by the state.


Poker Star is not an online casino, as most of you already assumed. In an online casino, a player cannot play against the house but in Poker Star, you can and absolutely free of charge. Poker star receives its compensation from hosting games between players and through the collection of rake from each real money pot. There is a variety of poker games that could be played in Poker Star that ranges from $0.01/0.02 to $100/$200. After identifying thoroughly Poker star its time to discuss how to get started in playing Poker Star.

Just like any other online poker game software, a person must first download it and eventually install the software in the computer just like any ordinary computer game. Always take the time to read the terms of service by the company so that you could have a clear understanding of what the firm has to offer and also to avoid future complains and questions. After that, you’re ready to embark on a journey in Poker Star.


Aside from the quality service of Poker star, the firm is also known because of the different special features that the firm offers. One of its features is called player images which allow all players to select a personalized image to represent you in the gaming table. Instead of a text and an infernal blinking light when playing, this image would be the one that the other players would see. Another one of the special features in Poker star is the player statistics. The Player Statistics shows your performance in all of the games that you played. If a player wants to request their statistical data, it would be delivered in their e-mail. The Player statistics is customized and only available for private viewing which means that only that person could have access on it. Another special feature of Poker Star would be hand histories which enable a player to recall all the values and action taken from the past play. Thus, you could actually see if someone called you names from the previous hand. Next feature is the ability of having opponent notes which enables a player to jot notes and write useful tips regarding the player that they are competing with. These notes are saved in your system and only for private viewing. Aside from these features, traditional options in an online poker game such as tournament are also offered in Poker Star. Poker star made sure that players would be able to enjoy and maximize the benefits of the tournament in Poker star.

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