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It is a great feeling for those who are about to open a dollar store as they walk through their store for the last time before swinging the doors open for the first time. The store looks perfect. Everything is in its proper location, the floors are sweep cleans, and overall the impression is exactly as you had hoped. But once the door opens, things quickly change. Your immaculate store is soon in disarray. Empty peg hook and blank spaces on shelves are soon evident. Your store has lost that ‘just right’ look; you know it and so do your shoppers. While there may never be another time when everything is perfect, you can focus on the most important actions. In this article I present 6 simple actions to help keep things in-order and the extra sales coming.

#1) Banners – Banners add a bit of brightness. Post appropriate banners throughout your store. Then manage your banners by rotating colorful new banners in to replace those currently posted. Whether it is just thanking shoppers for coming to your store, announcing the prices you charge for the dollar store merchandise, or you are preparing for a major event, banner can make an impact.

#2) End Caps – If you open a dollar store it soon becomes apparent just how important end caps are to your total sales. Be sure to maximize sales by keeping end caps filled with dollar store merchandise, well-signed, and always managed so they look full and organized. Rotate new items in as required to keep shoppers buying.

#3) Check out – Those who open a dollar store soon discover how easy it is for clutter to accumulate at the checkout area. Keep the clutter down. At the same time make sure you routinely rotate new, exciting dollar items through the checkout area.

#4) Lobby – In many ways the lobby of your store sets the tone for the entire shopping experience. Create displays of very popular items. Make sure your displays are attention grabbing and signal your store is fully stocked with the items shoppers seek.

#5) Displays – In addition to end caps and the lobby of your store, displays should be strategically placed throughout your store. Make sure of disposable displays for a quick and easy means of presenting a special purchase of dollar store merchandise you made, or to introduce a new product.

#6) Seasonal and Special Occasions – those who open a dollar store soon discover seasonal sales and events focused on other special occasions make business exciting for customers and employees alike. Invest the time to plan activities and be sure to bring in proven top selling merchandise every time.











Those who open a dollar store must take the actions to maximize sales. Whether it is properly using banners, keeping end caps filled with new dollar store items, adding the latest impulse items at cash registers, impressing shoppers with lobby and other store displays of dollar store merchandise, or just having the right products for each season or special occasion, your shoppers will reward you by repeatedly returning to make purchases in your dollar store.

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