OC Wedding Photographers Can Benefit from the Use of Scheduling Software

An Orange County photography business is made up of two parts as the name suggests – photography and business. Most photographers get into the business because they love learning about and creating beautiful images. However, to earn a living doing what they love, a photographer need to succeed at the business half as well. Using scheduling software is one way in which a photographer can be successful at the business end by helping him better manage client communications, marketing campaigns and operations.

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As a Newport Beach photographer I have found that I or any photographer can use scheduling software to stay on top of client communications. The OC photographer-client relationship begins when first contact is made and can continue for years. This relationship is strengthened and operations are improved when communications are made in a timely manner.

For example, a photographer should send an e-mail that contains an outline of his order policy, an outline of what can be expected at the photo shoot and recommendations for preparation and dress within a day after a client has booked a session. If the photographer posts images to the web for viewing and removes them before a certain period of time, he should send an e-mail a week before he removes them from any client that has not yet ordered reminding him the pictures will soon be removed. After a client has ordered, another e-mail should go out expressing appreciation the client for his business. When a photographer is working with dozens of clients, these efforts often fall through the cracks. Scheduling software will remind the photographer when these messages need to go out.

Second, scheduling software will aid in executing a marketing campaign. Marketing is all about timing. A message needs to be sent to a potential client at the time he is the most receptive to that message. For example, a message designed to reach couples is effective 4-    6 weeks before Valentines Day. Messages pitching holiday cards should be sent out in September or October. Messages concerning weddings should be sent the last two weeks of December (when many couples get engaged). Scheduling software can help organize all of these dates.

Taxes, payment of licenses, and client ordering systems are all tasks which needs accomplished. Scheduling software can help a photographer get these tasks done on time or early by bringing them to his attention at appropriate times

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