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People rely more and more on the internet for shopping. It’s a fact that the percentage of people who have bought something on the internet is growing. Even those wary of the internet are beginning to test the waters.

But what is really amazing is that the internet is being used more and more for large and expensive items. Automobiles, large appliances and even airplanes are for sale in cyberspace.


So does it make sense that realtors can use the internet for their business? Of course it makes sense! It not only makes sense, it gives realtors a leading edge on the market.

Where My Thoughts LingerPeople are using the internet to list their houses for sale. They are not professional realtors and don’t know how to maximize their selling price. And yet online real estate sales are successful. If in doubt, you can visit any online auction site and find thousands of listings by owner.

So if a private individual can successfully use the internet to sell a house, imagine the possibilities for selling real estate if you are a professional with an understanding of the market.

– Get potential leads on people planning to move to the area – those who thoughts are already on their new home


– Make your commercial listings known to potential investors around the world

– Create a unique real estate identity that people can trust

– Search engine optimize your website so you come out ahead of the pack on the browsers

– Take advantage of online marketing opportunities to get your listings noticed

– Become known as the local professional who has all the necessary information about the area


– Include stories and references that potential leads can use to verify honesty and integrity

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When people are moving to a realtors area from a distance place, one of their major concerns is finding a real estate agent who is

1) knowledgeable,

2) interested in their goals and

3) will work to find the right properties.

Many wait until they actually move to even begin looking, renting in the meantime. If they could get the information they need before moving, a realtor could potentially ease their fears and show them housing long before the actual move.

This benefits the realtor and the buyers. Renting while looking for a house is disruptive to a family because it means moving twice. A realtor can carve out a niche in the online real estate market that will increase leads and sales.

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