Hockey Off Ice Skating Exercise – Slide Board Training – Lateral Slides

Slide Board training can be an exceptional workout if you’re looking for a stay at home fitness routine. It can provide you with a full range of exercises from your head to your toes. The slide board is a simple training product that utilizes a sliding surface between two end blocks that are used for pushing. Below is the slide board exercise of the month to use at home or in your gym.

Muscles Used:

· Quadriceps

· Gluteus

· Hamstrings

· Low back

· Abdominals

Slide Board Workout: Lateral Slides

· 30 Seconds lateral slides

· 30 Seconds of rest

· Complete 15 sets

Approximate Time: 15 Minutes


1. Keep your head up

2. Keep your knees bent

3. Keep a steady rhythm

4. Push hard off bumpers & focus on balance.

5. Make sure to breathe

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