Football Shirt: Showing Loyalty in style

Sporting football shirts bearing the legend of one’s favorite football club is not just a means of revealing one’s allegiance. It is also a subtle statement of cool and chic. And market savvy football clubs have been, predictably, quick to cash in on the current football shirt culture fad. Clubs, more specifically club names, have become ace branding agents. Small wonder that most retro shirts cost nothing less than USD 51 or £ 35. And there is a mad rush for them.

Things were not always so. In the good old day of modern football in England football gear was pretty conventional. Believe it or not, but players would be seen in shirt, suit, and tie! And some would appear in home-knitted caps. Some footballers, with a wry sense of humor obviously, would concede to wearuing a rosette on their chests.

Even as the game continued to gain popularity there was little fans could do by way of showing off their team allegiance. When footballers started earning their stripes they began to for colors, but in heavy cotton wear. Today’s players wear polyester, nylon or light cotton with jazzy designs and colors. Which makes it so much easier on their fans who lustily cheer them in sweltering hot weather sometimes.

Businesses have been quick to jump on to the football shirt bandwagon taking advantage of the culture of teams brands. Let it be said, though, that most football fans frown upon the idea of having to sport corporate logos while demonstrating affiliation to their favorite teams.

As we said earlier, football shirts also make a great fashion statement. The England football shirts, for instance, are the current rage amongst fans. They are dignified, regal, and easy on the eye. Take the Arsenal away shirt for instance. At £49.99 this genial ochre chemise with a round collar and red stripes on each sleeve looks rather becoming. The cheery red 2008-09 Arsenal home shirt (Adebayor 25) too, looks rather fetching as well and comes in all sizes. Good for Arsenal affiliates, surely, as it reminds them of the great Premier League and First Division wins and titles.

Or, if you are a Togo fan, you might simply dig this lemon and lime shirt with seaweed green piping on the collar and a similar color highlighting the ripe golden in a happy contrast. To be featured in the 2010 World Cup during the qualifying campaign this is surely a home shirt ‘To Go’ with Togo.

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