Florida Home Inspections: Common Issues

What’s the most important consideration when buying a home? Price, location, size? Most people won’t ordinarily think a home inspection is particularly crucial—it’s something that most of us do, but we don’t necessarily stop to consider just how important it is. The home inspection gives you a complete idea of what problems are present in the home, and what’s needed to fix them, so it is a vital part of buying a home.

There are certain problems that are commonly found in home inspections that, if left undetected, could mean thousands of dollars worth of repairs for an unwary home-buyer. In addition there are issues that are unique to states such as Florida, due to our distinctive climate. These are definitely worth paying attention to, particularly if you’re relocating from out of state and haven’t considered the problems that a warm, moist climate can present.

Water Damage

The Florida climate is absolutely brutal in terms of the damage it can do to wood and wood-based products. Regular maintenance of paint and caulking will eliminate 90% of the potential problems, but for many homeowners that maintenance just doesn’t get done.

Wooden doors without rain protection, siding in contact with grade, and poorly protected trim or siding are all vulnerable to water damage. Even stucco homes are vulnerable if stucco begins to crack and allow water access to the frame beneath. The damage done to wood framing on stucco homes can be huge, because the stucco hides what’s going on in the wood.

Application and regular maintenance of caulk and paint will prevent these issues (or help prevent them worsening if the home you buy is affected by water damage). Alternatively, consider whether you’d be better off with a masonry-built home with aluminum, stucco, and other materials in place of wood siding, framing, and trim.

Electrical Issues

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Electrical problems are often caused simply by aging, damaged wiring, but that’s not the biggest problem your home inspection might uncover. More problematic than an older wiring system is the damage that a homeowner can do if they hire a non-licensed electrician, or even worse, do the work themselves without prior experience or knowledge.

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