Damages Caused By Improper Roof Ventilation

Firstly, you have to find a home that appeals to you and your needs, in terms of size, location, etc. Secondly you need to make sure that what you are buying is of good quality, and there are no hidden damages or defects which will cause you more expenditure in the future. It is for this second reason that we generally do a pre-purchase home inspection in Sydney, or elsewhere, so that we can be 100% sure that our investment is secure.

There are many areas which these professionals will check for during a home or building inspection in Sydney, which will include structural defects, cracks in the foundation, electrical issues, plumbing issues, as well as termite or pest infestations, all of which can make living in the new home a hassle and an unpleasant task, not to mention cause us huge expenses for repairs and replacements. Knowing what is wrong with the house we are interested in buying early on, gives us mor leverage in terms of negotiating on price or negotiating on the defects or damages being sorted out by the seller or contractor before actually making the down payment.

One of the areas which many people don’t really consider to be an important part of a home or building inspection is roof ventilation. However, this is a wrong notion that we need to change, because improper roof ventilation can cause a lot of problems for home owners, such as:

Roof deterioration – The roof is what protects your home from the outside elements, and acts as a barrier between the interior of the house and the exterior world. If you don’t have proper roof ventilation or attic insulation, this could cause water to be retained in the roof’s wooden structure, causing deterioration of the roof itself, and such repairs can be very heavy on the pocket, especially if you have just spent all of your money on the initial investment itself.

Rust – Rust can be a problem if you don’t have proper roof ventilation, because any metal parts of the roofing structure will start to rust due to excessive moisture. This can even include your plumbing system, heating system etc.

Excess heat – Poor ventilation can trap heat within the home during the hot summer months. When there is no escape for this heat, it will push down into the interior of the home, increasing your energy consumption and making it simply unbearable to live in.

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Additional pressure on your air conditioning system – With no proper ventilation the heat within the home can rise, causing your air conditioning system to work overtime, meaning that repairs and replacement of components for your air conditioner will come at regular intervals, costing you a lot of money.

Ice dams – Ice dams can cause a lot of damage to your entire home. Ice dams happen when the heat escapes from a poorly ventilated attic, and melts the snow which is on the roof. The snow freezes again and then melts, causing a backlog of water behind the dam. This water can start leaking in damaging the ceiling, walls etc of the house.

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