Banner Frames Can Extend Your Outdoor Advertising Opportunities

What could make your banner advertising even more spectacular? Why a banner frame of course! There’s no doubt about it, displaying your advertising banner in a custom-made banner frame makes your banner a more effective advertising tool.For a start, your banner will fit the frame perfectly, so there’s no sagging or pulling. Most banner frames can be displayed upright (indoors), or on their side, indoors or out, providing a multitude of uses. And when you want to change your advertising, it’s as simple as removing your old banner and slipping in a new one.Banner frames are an economical way of producing expensive-looking advertising. So what kind of advertising might you use your banner frame for? Well basically, any kind of display. They are perfect for events, exhibitions and presentations. Because they are easily transportable, banner frames are great for taking with you to local events. Perhaps you’re giving a presentation at your local Chamber of Commerce or business breakfast club. Having a display stand featuring your company name, logo and strapline can reinforce your marketing message and help you attract new business.They also look great in business reception areas or to brighten up your meeting rooms. Anywhere you are likely to meet and greet customers in fact. Used on their side, banner frames are the perfect accessory for advertising sports events and competitions as well as sponsorship events. If you’re looking to include local companies’

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advertising in your event as part as a sponsorship deal, showing likely partners a mock-up of how great their business display will look, is likely to win you more sponsors.Perhaps you run training courses? Framed banners look great in lecture rooms or stage areas. Your business is bound to get noticed.Because of their versatility, banner frames are ideal for exhibitions and industry events. Having a frame makes the banner simplicity itself to fit and it will really make your marketing stand out. You’ll be able to put together a cracking looking display in no time! The other main reason for using a banner frame to house your banner, is that it will help preserve the life of your banner by keeping it in great shape.Using banner frames to display your advertising banners makes perfect aesthetic and economic sense. Quite simply, your advertising message will look better and last longer – and is sure to win you lots of great compliments, along with additional trade.

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