There are two ways you can end up being invited to get involved with a betrothed guy. Which way he approaches you makes a difference! If you are online he is usually a player,I love a married man, but? Articles he is on here chatting and looking regularly and he has tried it on with other women before you. He may tell you that you have a very pretty name or whatever he thinks it will take to get you to soften and be less guarded and more interested, but he is simply looking to meet a woman and you will do. If you leave the room and change your name and come back he will say all of the same things to you again and his main concern will be to find out if you live near him and what your age is. If he prefers younger women he will lose interest if he finds out you are older. Many of these men have admitted to me that they regularly pay prostitutes for sex and the reason they look on here to meet is because then the meets would not cost them anything, so they have a lot of reason to hope you are interested. They say it is looking for a convenience, but this means the same thing because they would normally have to pay a lot for that convenience.

You will also find a lot of married men online who seek someone for sex meets who do not like women. They see them just as objects to use for their pleasure. This may be one of the reasons they cannot get someone or their wife always refuses them.

Forget about the men who say they have a fantastic job, they earn a good living, they are happy except for the sex at home being non existent. If they really had a great job and a good income they would get a divorce then. You can also forget the men who insist they are only there for their children, most of them use this as an excuse when the real reason is money. There are lots of couples who split up and where the man sees the kids a lot. The kids are better off being with one parent rather than two who barely speak or two who argue a lot.

You can get a lot of good advice about this at ask agony aunts advice columnist online. You can get some for free there on the forums, from others in a similar situation to you, and you may make some friends there. Likewise you can go to the cheap psychic clairvoyant email readings forum and get friends and support and advice and even free psychic readings if you want.

They may tell you that they and their wife do not talk or that they never make love are just there because of the children, but that is their problem – if it is true – and they should sort it out, not expect you to sit in the wings waiting to cheer them up when they can escape. It is usually the mistress who would end up waiting for calls and meets and being all alone at Christmas. One reason that the married guy often tries to get it together with a woman who is not single – he assumes then that he is guaranteed discretion and that she is as desperate for the whole situation as he is and will not start nagging him to leave his wife or moan when he is not there at Christmas time! But a sexy, young or good looking married lady can easily get a single guy who is more available to see her when it suits her and whether she prefers one or the other she could charge for casual meets..

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