A celebrity recommended lose weight diet is the lemonade diet. It is a diet which is more popularly known as the master cleanse diet,Basics Of The Lemonade Diet: A Must Try Lose Weight Diet Articles or the lemon cleanse diet. This diet was introduced by Stanley Burroughs, and has been around ever since 1941. What makes this diet unique from other diets is the fact that aside from helping people reduce weight, it can also cleanse body toxins, thus, making its followers healthier. Other perks from this diet is that it can help cure ulcer, it boosts energy, and many more.

What are the ingredients or requirements of the master cleansing diet?

People who decide to go on the master cleanse diet are required to only drink a mixture of freshly squeezed lemons (the organic kind), maple syrup that’s also organic, H20, and, organic cayenne peppers for 10 consecutive days. Going on the lemonade diet, the lemon cleanse diet, or master-cleanse diet, means that you should not take solid foods for 10 days, plus, you should drink herbal-laxative teas daily, aside from the lemon mixture described previously.

As you can see, lemons are the main ingredients of this lose weight diet, as lemons have citrus juice that is known to cleanse body toxins, while the other ingredients: cayenne pepper and maple syrup has a lot of minerals and vitamins that reduce mucous thickness in the body. The herbal tea also helps remove unwanted debris and wastes from the colon.

Other reminders for individuals who plan to try the lemonade diet are:



1.    It is recommended that you consume around 6 to 12 glasses of the lemon concoction for maximum results.

2.    After three days, you can expect the lemon cleanse diet to start to cleanse body toxins found in your body, so, you should not be surprised if you find yourself frequently in the toilet.

3.    After 10 days of this lose weight diet, you should drink fresh orange juice (of the organic kind), then, start eating normally again, specifically solid foods.

What are other popular benefits of master cleansing?

Aside from bringing about weight loss, the lemonade diet also helps people quit bad habits such as alcohol addiction, addiction to caffeine, smoking addiction, and so on. In fact, so many dieters have observed that they experienced a significant decrease in their cravings after being on the lemon cleanse diet. Over eating is also eliminated, and the improvement of skin conditions e.g. cleared up acne, is noticeable.

Is this cleansing diet for everyone?

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