Often professional project managers find that when they go for a certification,Guest Posting such as the PMP certification, they are surprised at how much they learn in the process. While experience is very valuable, especially in feeling more than comfortable with the basics, there is always a great deal of improvement available to studying a structured and comprehensive approach. Often, then, after earning the certification, the big question is how can more experienced and certified project management professional continue to advance in skill and maturity by leveraging training. Let’s explore.

Improvement and Skill Building, One Step At A Time

We, as individuals, need to employ the principle of continuous improvement. We have a broad culture of self-help and personal improvement, but not everyone has adopted the approach, and almost everyone could do even better. Just as so many practice personal self-improvement with the assistance of self-improvement books, motivational materials, attending motivational seminars, and more, it is virtually the same thing in the realm of project management skills. Advanced project management skills simply are taking everything we know, and then some, to the next level by becoming aware of new ideas and incorporating them into our own best practices.

Continuous Improvement

Let’s look at an example of how we can improve our ability to run meetings. We all know that the best way to do this is to practice, but, then again, it must be good practice. It

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